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We can look after your website for you keeping it up-to-date, fully secure and looking great

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“We hired Surrey Web Studio to rebuild our website in order to update it and make it fully responsive. The whole process was a great experience. They were quick to respond, informative and delivered what was asked for. They have gone on to maintain our website adding new pages when we need them and keeping our website up to date. I would definitely recommend Surrey Web Studio – you won’t be disappointed.”.

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It is very important for your website’s health to maintain it properly. WordPress websites are built using WordPress, various themes and plugins. As search engines are continually evolving, WordPress releases its newest and updated versions to keep up with these changes.  

Plugins, too, are constantly releasing their newest versions and so theses need to be updated regularly. For security reasons, SEO purposes and for attracting customers, it is extremely important to constantly keep your website up-to-date.

If you don’t update your website and make changes to it regularly, Google will view it as a dead ‘entity’ and it may loose its rankings. Therefore, update your website regularly with fresh, quality content and Google will love it. So add new text, images and pages to keep Google and your visitors interested. Read our short blog on what’s involved with website maintenance

Furthermore, maintaining your website can lessen the risks of hacking, malware, broken links and so on. You can maintain your website from wherever you are. You just need a device eg laptop and internet connection. We maintain websites for businesses in London, Surrey and indeed all over the UK.

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Our website maintenance is extremely affordable and takes away the hassle and stress of continually having to update your website. Once a month at least three main things (see below) need to be carried out to keep your website up-to-date and safe. Read our informative article on how to maintain your website

Check on security

This part of website maintenance is extremely important to the safe and healthy running of your website which is of course your business. We install software that protects your website against attacks.

Keep a copy of your website

It is very important to have a copy of your website in case the website is attacked or compromised. We can then repair the website without having to start from scratch which will save you money.

Update website software

Your website is made with WordPress, themes and plugins which will need to be updated regularly. We visit all websites once a week to do this, ensuring that all elements of your website work properly.


Basic Plan

Update WordPress and Themes
Update Plugins
Backup website once a week
Monitor Website Security
Check on website for broken links and errors
Deal with hosting and domain name issues on your behalf
Email Problems - let us help

Perfect if you just don’t need that much doing to your website as you just need a business presence.

Standard Plan

Add/changes Text
Change/add new Images (resize and compress them first)
Add/change video
Add other features eg social icons, new sections, image gallery
Website data print out if required
SEO - Tweak titles, text, meta data, to help rank higher

Perfect if you want to work at improving your website ranking with google over time.

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

Dieter Rams – industrial designer and retired academic.

Are you looking for someone to maintain your website? If so, we can help.