Top ten website jobs to do during lockdown

During lockdown some of us have found that we are left with a bit of free time. What better way to spend some of that than having a good look at your website. Check that it is up-to-date and running properly. I have outlined ‘ten top jobs to do on your website during lockdown here.

1. Text

Check your text and make sure there are no mistakes. There is nothing more unprofessional than spelling mistakes, extra spaces and missing (or extra) full stops. While you are at it, can you improve how the sentences read? Can you add to your blog?

2. Images 

Have a look at the images on your website. There is no excuse today for blurry, mis-matched images. Take some photos with your smart phone or check out ‘pixabay’ for free stock images. Be careful not to use all stock photos which may take away the personality and identity of your website. Think about how many images you have on your website? Do you need to take some away or add new ones? What about the image sizes? Can you resize any? If images are too large your website will take longer to load!

3. Blog

If you are running a blog on your website (great for SEO), see if you can improve any of them in any way? Do any need updating? Why not write a new blog? Think about how you can add value to the people who read the blog eg if you are running a beauty salon why not add an article on ‘home beauty remedies’. We all need a little help (and pampering!) in these testing times.

4. Reviews

Ask your customers for reviews. Most of the time people are happy to help but just need reminding. They may have time now. Better still, send them the details on how to add a review to Google My Business. Send them your short URL and this leads them straight to the place to add the review. Read my article on Google Short URL here.

5. New Feature

Add (or ask your website designer to) a new page or section to your website. Does your website need an FAQ section or a page for a different service? You have the time to plan this out now – it will definitely improve the SEO of your website as google loves fresh content. What about a short video Q and A made on your smart phone. Upload it to your You Tube account and add a link to your website page to view.

6. Social Media

What about social media? Have you longed for an instagram feed to be displayed on your web pages. What about setting up a Pinterest account and adding a link to your website. Think about what suits your business. Don’t just add social media links for the safe of it.

7. Emails
Email sign up forms can be useful. Grow your audience with a  Mailchimp sign up form. This marketing platform is free to set up and there are many ‘You Tube’ videos showing you how to set up and use. Now, during lockdown may be the ideal time to learn and perfect email marketing skills.

8. Updates

Is your website a WordPress one? If it is, then update all your plugins, delete any plugins you are not using, bin old pages and do a general tidy up of your dashboard. Tidy room, tidy mind!

9. Google Analytics

Add a google analytics account to your website and check who your audience is. Can you improve any of the pages so that they can be found easily by your customers. Small tweaks can make a big difference eg adding more relevant key words, changing your title or breaking up the text into paragraphs with subheadings. Adding more images or more relevant images. Don’t forget to optimise your images – my informative article on how to optimise your website images can be useful to have a look at.

Charts with data and bar charts - PPC data

10. Restyle

Completely restyle or rebuild your website. If your web presence is outdated and doesn’t work to attract visitors any more, perhaps now is the perfect time to get started on your new website design. What better time to start this long awaited project than now when you may have time to spare.

Lockdown doesn’t mean that you have to get stressed out about the jobs that need doing on your website. Having a bit more time can mean that you can take your time. Have a bit of fun along the way and think about why you started your business in the first place. I hope you have found my ‘Top Ten Jobs To Do On Your Website During Lockdown’ useful?

Good Luck!

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